Airwell klima uređaj HKD/YKD 012 3,5kw inverter


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AIRWELL HKD 012 – N11/YKD 012 – H11: Main Features: Filter Ring Yes Cool Yes dehumidification Yes Heating Yes ionisation Yes ventilation yes Main Features: Energy efficiency in cooling operation (EER): 5.8/A + energy efficiency in heating operation (cop) 4.6/A ++ + Colour: White Type of Freon (Air Conditioning) R410 A the air flow, M3/h 630 outdoor unit dimensions, 780X540X250 mm Indoor Unit Dimensions, mm 800X275X188 the size of the room, M2 35 Power Consumption kw 0.97 Voltage: 220 – 240/50/1 V/Hz/PH Maximum Cooling Performance of 3.2 kW Maximum Heat Output kw 3.5 Additional information: The lower outside temperatures heat up Automatic cleaning Yes from -15 °C to + 30 °C External Coolant Temperature Range From -15 °C to + 50 °C inverter Yes adjustment to suit the negative temperature Yes Automatic restart Yes Camodiagnostika Yes Timer with on/off Yes Remote Control Yes Production France Warranty 3 years the diameter the gas pipe (mm/inch) 3/8 The diameter of the tube (inches/millimeters) 4.1 The maximum cable length of 20 m Maximum height difference of strings M 8 documentation for the model of strings AIRWELL HKD N11/YKD H11 multi-purpose piece and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Alarm Finish when Kältemittelleck. Self-cleaning, drainage. From -15 °C for use in the cooling and heating modes. A ++ +/A ++ Cooling Performance – Minimum energy consumption. Photok Ataly table and antibacterial filtration. The “I feel with precise control of the ambient temperature.