mrežni pretvarač 1.5kW

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Model: Sununo Plus 1K Sununo Plus 1.5K
Maximum DC power ( w ): 1200 1800
Maximum DC input voltage ( v ): 450 450
Mppt voltage range ( v ): 60-425 60-425
Rated input voltage ( v ): 360 360
Starting voltage ( v ): 70 70
Minimum input voltage ( v ): 50 50
Maximum input current ( a ): 11 11
MPPTNumber of tracks: 1 1
Number of component strings ( MPPT per lane ): 1 1
Dc switch: Built – in Built – in

flexible and efficient
optimization of global MPPT algorithm, the MPPT efficiency is more than 99.5%
maximum efficiency 97.2%, European 96.7% efficiency
super wide input voltage range (50 v to 450 v), support for at least three conventional component type
less derating by high temperature, increase the system capacity
convenient installation
without the transformer design, smaller volume, light weight 5.6 kg
communication rapid output interface design and easy to install
intelligent and easy to use
a key safety set, easily set all grid parameters
independent built-in RTC clock chip, support capacity data storage 25 years
integrated RS232 interface to support extension wi-fi/GPRS/Ethernet communication
family wi-fi access system, the cloud monitoring at any time and place
PC, mobile phone local/remote intelligent maintenance
response to the power grid scheduling, support intelligent micro grid energy management
IP65 high protection level