BENDING MACHINE with 1 servo axes
BM1-80/ BM1-120 / BM1-160 / BM1-200


BM1-14 with tools 500x

Bending machine is a forming machine tool for production
of different types of wire or strip bends (bending in two directions).
It’s very simple for programming any 2D wire bends at various angles and radius.
Possibillity to use digital input (e.g. touch probe) and output (e.g. pneumatic cylinder) in each segment.

–wire range:4,0-12,0mm (14mm), spring wire
– Computer control, color touch screen 15”, OEM windows 7
– windows base software
– windows suroundings (hardware)
– unlimited number of segments.
– possible speed adjusting in each direction of each segment+general working speed
– more digital inputs and digital outputs and more bending points.
-possible to make one bending , wait some digital input or activate some digital output (like pneumatic cylinder), wait digital input and then make 2.bending,,, 5.bending,,,,,.
The machine with not standard tools can coils a few coils.
– storing of unlimited number of programs
– user friendly software
– the control is included with foot switch.
– network (TCP/IP)
– updating and servicing by internet

Standard accessories:
– Lenze servo equipment (servo geared motor, servo drive)
– a lot of tools


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max. bending wire

up to 8 mm

up to 14 mm

up to 16 mm

weight ca.

500 kg

600 kg

700 kg

dimension H*W*D




servo drive




Included accessories

various tooling, foot switch, etc.

various tooling, foot switch, etc.

various tooling, foot switch, etc.


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